Stricter Rules for Pet Boarders in Singapore gili

Stricter Rules for Pet Boarders in Singapore

Disclaimer: This is a developing article based on various news sources. Information in this article has therefore, been aggregated. We strongly encourage readers to verify facts on their own. 

We’re heartened to know that the government will soon be implementing measures to ensure that those who board pets will be licensed.

In a public consultation launched by the National Parks Board (NParks) sometime at the end of 2019, various stakeholders in the pet sector had come together to participate in focus group discussions on how to improve standards of boarders to safeguard animal health and welfare.

As an establishment that is dedicated exclusively to caring for felines when their owners are unable to, Nekoya is the country’s first holistic cat hotel. When we first began, we faced a lot of uphill efforts in educating potential customers on the importance of vaccination and sterilisation which are part of our boarding requirements. The Nekoya Cat Hotel is a shared cat boarding environment so in making sure that every cat that board with us is in acceptable health, it puts everyone on similar levels of immunity and prevents the risk of widespread infection caused by admitting one individual cat who may be contagious. Keeping health and activity records also allow for contact tracking if a cat is found sick. On a smaller scale this ensures accountability for us and our customers. On a larger scale, this means that in the event of contagion or outbreak, we are able to furnish these records for deeper investigation.

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At first, many potential customers felt like it was too much trouble to engage our services with stringent boarding guidelines in place. However, it also showed that we were doing what was right for cats, their owners and the industry. As more and more establishments similar to Nekoya started sprouting islandwide, we noticed a paradigm shift in the way boarding facilities are operated over the years. It is encouraging to see our customers and other business operations recognise the importance of boarding requirements.

As cat owners, it is also our responsibility that we be educated and make informed decisions in selecting a reputable caretaker for our cats.

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