Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Hotel

What is Nekoya?

Nekoya in Japanese literally translates to “Cat” and “Home”. The Nekoya Cat Hotels are Singapore’s first and original holistic cat boarding hotels, with services tailored exclusively for our feline companions. It was the first to receive government approval to operate within shopping centres in Singapore, and its unique capsule concept was a pioneer in the cat boarding industry locally.

Nekoya aims to play a proactive role in paving the way for better service standards, transparency and accountability in the boarding industry, by showing that it is possible to house our feline companions hygienically and safely in environments close to society, and even closer to our hearts.

Tell me about your facilities.

Designed to resemble cozy homes, our facilities have up to 18 private cabins at each outlet that are spacious and large enough for short and long term cat boarding for up to two guests from the same household. Two outlets are operational as of September 2021 at King Albert Park and Outram Park.

Our cat boarding hotels are fully air-conditioned and each cabin is fitted with resting platforms, separate dining and toilet areas. Litter boxes are provided with fresh pine litter, and meals are served twice a day or as provided by owners. Play time is also provided privately on a rotational basis.

We tailor to each individual cat by ensuring that their needs are fully met through mental, emotional and physical wellness.

What are your opening hours?

Our facilities are open to guests from 11AM to 6PM to cater to arrivals and departures.

Hours outside of these timings are strictly for housekeeping and dedicated completely to caring for our feline charges. We regret that we are unable to make exemptions to early/late check-ins and checkouts for this reason.

Viewings of our facilities are by appointment only. Please book a viewing slot if you would like to view our premises.

Are your outlets open on public holidays?

Yes, our facilities are open on public holidays, and every day of the year unless otherwise indicated.

How much is a stay per night?

Generally, our cabins are priced from $39/cat per night, depending on outlet location.

For a quote, you may call our hotlines for assistance!

What is included in the boarding fee?

The nightly boarding rate goes entirely towards the provision of a single cabin for your cat. Your cat will be welcomed to our air-conditioned boarding area, and lodge privately without physical interaction with cats from other households.

The suite includes a private litter bin, feeding area and a spacious separate resting area. We provide complimentary feeding services, and your cat will receive at least 30 minutes of daily interaction with our caretakers.

What if I have more than one cat?

Cats may share a cabin depending on their size. Cabin-sharing is only available at our Jalan Kayu outlet (Premier Suites). The second cat’s stay is chargeable on top of the first cat’s charges, at $25 per night.

Special rates are available to households with more than three cats. Please contact us to enquire more!

What other services do you provide?

Daily meals, spa services, access to our landscaped indoor play area and private media updates are available to the discerning feline parent.

Admission Criteria

Is my cat suitable for boarding at Nekoya?

We generally find that most guests who enquire about stays are suitable for enjoying a holiday at the Nekoya Cat Hotel!

Please find out more about our Boarding Requirements here.

If you are uncertain about whether your cat is eligible for boarding, our caretakers would be pleased to provide assistance and make recommendations over the phone or through a viewing appointment.

My cat is chronically ill. Can you care for it?

If a guest requires extra medical care or other forms of special care during their stay, we are happy to provide these services at an additional $10/week. Prior to our caretakers undertaking these services, we do request that we are allowed to assess each guest on a case-by-case basis as some are simply uncooperative during their stay, preventing our caretakers from administering their medication in a timely, safe fashion.

It is worth nothing that while our caretakers have prior experience working in veterinary facilities and are able to administer medication and care for chronically ill, old or young cats, the Nekoya Cat Hotel is not as sterile, nor as equipped with the necessary tools as veterinary institutes, should the need to care for guests in a medical emergency. We maintain and advise that cats who require more intensive care are lodged at facilities where they can be monitored around the clock.

Further to this, the owner agrees that he is aware of the risks involved in choosing not to board his chronically ill cat at a certified veterinary facility, and agrees that Nekoya and its staff are absolved of all responsibility should the critically ill cat take a turn for the worse while lodging at the Nekoya Cat Hotel or after its return home.


How do I create an account with Nekoya?

You will be prompted at the point of checkout to create a Nekoya account for yourself.

Alternatively, you can create an account here.

Bookings and Payments

Can I view Nekoya before booking?

Most certainly. We welcome private viewings so that you and a family member or friend may ask any and all questions regarding your cat’s stay, and enquire about our practices.

How do I make a reservation?

A reservation may be placed and paid in two ways:

(1) Reserving and Making Payment via the Online Reservation System

Begin by selecting your preferred dates on our website. You may also customize your cat’s stay, by adding other supplementary products and services to your cart. At checkout, we request certain information about your cat(s) prior to confirming your reservation.

This is the fastest and most accurate way of securing a reservation for your cat. A member of our concierge will be in touch within the next working day to confirm your reservation. You will also have a user account created with our hotelier, allowing you to save your personal information, track and check on past reservations and orders.

(2) Phoning into or Visiting the Hotel

You may also place a booking by calling or visiting the Nekoya Cat Hotel of your choice. A member of our concierge will be glad to assist you in making a reservation for our services.

Payment for bookings should be made via our website, or with the assistance of our caretakers via PayNow.

We regret that booking requests initiated in any other manner, or through any other channels are not guaranteed.

What documents do I require to make a reservation?

We recommend retrieving your cat’s sterilization and vaccination records before making a reservation with us.  You will also require proof that it is FIV/FeLV negative. All guests at Nekoya are required to be in good health, sterilized, certified to have received their FVRCP vaccine within the past 12 months, and be free from infection, parasites, illness and disease within the past 30 days prior to check-in.

We also ask that you thoroughly read our Boarding Requirements and Cat Boarding Guide  prior to proceeding with a booking.

How far in advance should I book my stay?

We recommend booking your stay at least a week in advance.

For guests intending to travel during Blackout Dates or popular travel periods, it is recommended that bookings are placed at least two months in advance to avoid disappointment.

What payment modes are accepted?

We currently accept payment for bookings via HitPay online, or via PayNow. Payment can be made at check-in, or upon receipt of reservation.

A reservation may be initiated by placing an online booking. Our cat caretakers are also able to facilitate bookings from the Nekoya Cat Hotel on your behalf.

Please allow up to 3 to 5 working days for clearance of your payment.

Your booking is only confirmed when we have received due payment in our bank account.

Does paying confirm my booking?

Bookings are confirmed only after verification and fulfilment of our boarding, health, and temperament requirements. These are imposed for the health and safety of all our guests who share the Nekoya hotel.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

Upon submitting your reservation and payment, you should receive a confirmation email indicative of your cat’s stay with us, some time within the next working day.

The email will be sent to the e-mail address that your reservation is placed under. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your booking, please contact us at [email protected] or dial in to your Nekoya Cat Hotel of choice for assistance.

What if I need to cancel or amend my reservation?

We provide modifications to reservations free of charge, up to 48 hours prior to the date of stay. If you are required to make changes to your booking, we will provide you with an equivalent in credits for use on a future stay.

Please note that modifications to reservations are subject to cabin availability. Credits issued are non-refundable nor transferrable.

We regret that modifications, cancellations and other changes are also strictly non-refundable or amendable on Blackout Dates.

If you would like to cancel or modify a reservation, kindly contact our concierge.

Where can I find your Blackout Dates?

Our Blackout Dates are available to access via this link. We endeavour to update our Blackout dates as far as a year in advance.

Blackout dates are subject to change without prior notice to customers. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Shared Spaces in Nekoya

Do you recommend letting my cat out?

While some boarding facilities allow free roam of the cats that board with them outside of their rest area, we prefer not to allow, and advise our guests against interacting with unfamiliar cats in shared environments, for a number of very important reasons.

1) Assimilating into a New Environment

Given that your cat will be in a completely new environment, it is best to allow them a period of time to transition to their temporary, new homes. It is highly likely that your cat will most enjoy being in its cabin, unless it is lodging with us for extended periods of time. Our cabins provide a safe area for your cats to decompress and get used to their new environments, and to counter kitty boredom, we dedicate 30 minutes of play time for your cat in its cabin daily with our concierge on duty. The last thing we want to do is force your cat to explore an area which is otherwise foreign to it, when it is uncomfortable leaving its safety zone.

2) Risk of Transmission of Viruses and Diseases

Whilst we endeavour to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness at all Nekoya facilities, there is a very low possibility that your cat may still fall ill. Each cat’s cabin is kept clean and refreshed on a daily basis, and the safest place for your cat to be as they are private for each of our guests only.

3) Heightened Probability of Cat Fights

While there are a fraction of cats who get along fine with others, the fact is that the majority of them do not. Sudden, uninvited interactions between unfamiliar cats may come off as stressful and unpleasant, and result in territorial spats. Even if your cat is known to be friendly and sociable, it is important to bear in mind that Nekoya is a new environment, and that your cat may not take well to an unwelcome visitor.

Can my cat be let out?

Yes, we can. By default, all our guests will be provided with 30 minutes of daily play time in their cabins, without access to the indoor play lounge. However, if you have asked for your cat to be allowed out to common areas in Nekoya during its stay, or should your cat express interest in leaving its cabin, and you are aware of the risks involved in allowing your cat outside of its cabin, then our staff are more than happy to oblige.

Extended play time is also available at $15/day, for the feline that desires true freedom! This will allow your cat(s) a full hour inside the indoor play area, and we will conduct a thorough sanitization prior to allowing your cat(s) out, and after it returns to its cabin.

Where might my cat meet another guest?

The indoor play lounge is the only shared space for cats boarding at Nekoya. At all other times, our guests shall stay in their cabins, unless the lounge is vacant and your cat seems to want to come out for a stretch.

Please inform us if you would like for your cat to remain strictly in its cabin during its stay. We reserve the right to allow your cat to remain in its cabin if it is reclusive or aggressive.

Is my cat allowed to mingle with other guests?

No. Only cats from the same household shall be allowed to interact with one another.

Lodging and Other Practices

What time is check-in and are there fees for arriving early or late?

Check in begins from 2PM to 6PM daily. Please allot at least half an hour of time for any administrative paperwork to be filled out.

If you have to check your cat in any earlier than 2PM, early check in fees apply at the rate of $8 an hour.

The earliest guests may check in to our facilities is 11AM.

Please inform our caretakers 24 hours in advance if you should require an early check-in, so that we may ensure that such accommodations are possible.

What time is checkout and are there fees for arriving early or late?

Check out is from 11AM – 12PM daily.

If you have to check your cat in any later than 12PM, late checkout fees apply at the rate of $8 an hour.

The latest our guests may checkout is 6PM daily.

Please inform our caretakers 24 hours in advance if you should require a late check-in, so that we may ensure that such accommodations are possible.

What should I pack for my cat’s stay?

A list of things to bring and things to note are available for your viewing here.

What happens at check-in?

During check in, our caretakers go through the paperwork you submit to us and conduct a health and behavioural assessment on the admitting guest to ensure that you have taken the necessary efforts to ensure that your cat is compliant with our Boarding Requirements.

Can I select a cabin for my cat?

We do not allow guests to select cabins for their cats. Cabins are allocated to our guests based on each cat’s temperament, as well as their needs. Some cats may be aggressive or uncomfortable being handled by our caretakers, and therefore will require a cabin that is not at height, or they may require one that is closer to the ground due to their age. As such, cabins are allocated by our caretakers in a way that best allows them to care for your cat during their stay.

We seek your cooperation in understanding that our caretakers retain the right to make any final decisions pertaining to cabin allocation.

What if my cat is non-compliant with your Boarding Requirements?

In the event that your cat is unsuitable for boarding, we reserve the right to engage:

  1. A transportation partner to send your cat back to you at your expense
  2. A grooming company to attend to any hygiene or parasitical issues at your expense
  3. A veterinarian to administer consultation, and subsequently treatment of your cat for any health issues at your expense
  4. Employ any and all ways to ensure that your cat is suitable for admission to Nekoya

A service fee of $80 per cat, on top of any transportation fees incurred, shall be chargeable and payable in cash at checkout.

If these options are insufficient to have your cat lodge with the Nekoya Cat Hotel, we reserve the right to reject your cat for its stay for the health and safety of other cats in our care.

What happens if my cat becomes unwell during its stay?

If your cat becomes unwell during its stay at Nekoya, our caretakers will be happy to transport it to the nearest available veterinary clinic and follow through on any care that is required for your cat to feel better in your absence.

However, if the veterinarian should advise that your cat is not suited to staying at the Nekoya Cat Hotel, we will get in touch with, and make arrangements for your cat to be released to your appointed Responsible Party.

Service charges are applicable for each request that requires caretakers to leave the hotel facility.

What happens if I need to extend my cat’s stay?

If you are required to extend your cat’s stay at Nekoya, we advise that you contact our concierge at least 24 hours prior to the check-out time, so that we may assist in checking if suites are available to accommodate your cat.

If an extension of your cat’s stay is possible, we require that payment for the stay is made prior to commencing further services. Our concierge may assist in booking a reservation for you and sending you a payment invoice electronically for your convenience.


Do you provide transport to/from the hotels?

We have private pet taxi services for our customers at the rate of $50/way and $90/2-way trip, to any of our hotels between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and Public Holidays.

An additional fee of $20 applies to pick-ups and drop-offs at Sentosa Island.

Advanced booking is required and subject to availability.

Memberships & Rewards

I travel frequently. Do you offer frequent flyer privileges?

Our frequent flyer program is currently undergoing a revamp and will be made available to interested parties at a later date in 2022