Board With Us

Welcome to Nekoya! We are the original creators of Singapore’s first cat capsule-style hotels. Our cat boarding spaces are designed to closely resemble home, and together with our team of experienced cat caretakers, our mission is to provide a comfortable, stress-free and transparent boarding experience for feline friends and their owners. 

With four outlets islandwide, all of our cat hotels are fully air-conditioned 24/7. Fitted with resting platforms, separate dining and toilet areas, litter boxes are provided with fresh pine litter, and meals are served twice a day or as provided by owners. Play time is provided privately on a rotational basis and we have a plethora of a la carte services to customize each stay, allowing us to tailor to each individual cat through meeting their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Our hotels are open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM for housekeeping and cat care. 

Visitations, arrivals and departures are strictly by appointment only, to allow us to prioritize care for cats exclusively lodging in the hotel.

Yes, Nekoya is open 365 (or 366) days a year.

Rates for a private cabin begin from $44/night. 
Long-term boarding discounts of up to 30% are available for stays from 30 nights and above.

The nightly rate includes the provision of 24/7 air-conditioned, private lodging space, complimentary use of cat litter bin with litter and feeding utensils, and access to the hotel space. Our caretakers also practice twice daily housekeeping, interaction time, activity updates and daily grooming for your cats.

We also offer grooming services, food menu, medication/care.

Admission Criteria

Please find out more about our Boarding Requirements here.

Depending on your cat’s condition, we may be able to board your cat at Nekoya.

We invite owners whose cats fall outside of admission criteria to share more about your cat’s care requirements prior to making a reservation with us. This will allow us to have a better understanding of how we may be able to care for them in your place.

If your cat has been advised against routine vaccination, we can accept a veterinarian’s note, stating the reasons your cat is ineligible for vaccination, in place of proof of vaccination.

We are able to house up to 3 cats per room (depending on the room type) so long as your cats are from the same household and are compatible for sharing a common space.

Bookings and Payments

Yes, you may WhatsApp us at 6288 3636 to schedule a viewing appointment. Before doing so, we ask that you review our FAQ page to see if any of your concerns have already been answered.

We accept reservations for boarding via our online website.

Upon receiving interest for a reservation, our customer service team will be in touch to guide clients through our boarding prerequisites and collection of payment.

If you are enquiring about an urgent stay (within 48 hours), please contact our Customer Care hotline at 62883636 via WhatsApp directly.

Each year, the Nekoya Cat Hotel releases a statement including dates that generate exceptionally high demand for our cat boarding services in Singapore. Stays on these dates are not eligible for special promotions. Reservations made for lodging on these dates are strictly non-refundable.

Our Blackout Dates are available to access via this link.

Before requesting for payment of your reservation, you will be sent our Boarding Prerequisites and asked to acknowledge them. It is your duty to ensure your cat meets these Prerequisites for successful admission to our hotels.

Upon payment, you will be asked to populate your pet’s profile in our database with proof of vaccinations, sterilization and other documents within 48 hours.

There will be no refunds made for cats that are found to be non-compliant with our Boarding Requirements after payment is submitted.

To avoid disappointment, we encourage booking 2 months in advance of your intended reservation.

Payment for services is accepted via PayNow.

After booking through our website, we’ll send you the boarding requirements. Upon your agreement, we’ll provide a payment link. Once payment is made, please send us a screenshot of the confirmation within 24 hours. After verifying your payment, your booking will be confirmed, ensuring a smooth process for you and your kitty!

Please contact our team at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +65 6288 3636 for modifications or cancellations pertaining to your reservation. Your request must be received at least 48 hours prior to boarding beginning.

Please also review our policies regarding modifications and cancellations below before contacting us or making a booking at Nekoya:

  • Reservations made for lodging on Blackout Dates are strictly non-modifiable, cancellable nor eligible for refunds.
  • Modifications to reservations can be made free of charge, subject to cabin availability. 
  • For bookings that are eligible for cancellations, the amount paid will be made available in the form of hotel credits for rebooking on a subsequent stay, with a 1 year validity. A cash refund request will incur a processing fee of 10% on the booking amount paid, with the funds reversed to you within 7 working days.

Cat Boarding Preparation

Please review our Boarding Guide on preparing for your cat’s stay.

We offer in-house cat taxi services for cats and clients, for transport to, from, and between Nekoya Cat Hotels. This service is available by appointment only. Please inform us if you should require transport services prior to making a booking online so that we can run a check on the availability of our drivers.

Check-in time is from 2PM to 6PM and check-out time is from 11 AM to 1PM.

For arrivals before 2PM, the earliest that can be accommodated is 12 PM. It is recommended to pre-book lodging one day in advance with a full day’s charge for timings earlier than this.

For departures after 1PM, the latest that can be accommodated is 2 PM. It is recommended to pre-book an additional day’s lodgingwith a full day’s charge if you are uncertain if you will be able to arrive in time for your cat’s checkout.

All arrivals and departure are by appointment only. There will be a fee of $20/hour for early check-ins or late checkouts, subject to hotel availability, and we do not guarantee the provision of a lodging space for your cat in this time (ie. they may have to wait in their carriers).

Our caretakers will go through the paperwork you submit to us, and all cats are required to undergo a health and behavioural assessment to ensure they are fit for boarding, prior to being accepted for admission.

If your cat does not meet our boarding requirements at check-in, or is found to be unsuitable for admission, a 50% refund will be provided on the reservation. The funds will be reversed to your original mode of payment within 7 working days.

Staying at Nekoya

Each of our guests are allowed to access the hotels’ common play areas during daily private playtime, so long they are feeling comfortable enough to leave their lodging spaces. 

Cats that are ill or immunocompromised are an exception to this.

No. Only cats from the same household may interact with one another during daily playtime. 

Yes. All guests will get at least 30 minutes of interaction time with our caretakers daily.

Yes, we are happy to follow your feeding instructions to mimic your cat’s normal meal routine. Please review our Boarding Preparation to learn more.

All Nekoya Cat Hotels have freezer facilities for the storage of frozen cat meals. 

If your cat should fall ill during its stay, our caretakers will inform you and seek permission to transport your cat to your preferred veterinarian. If it is not possible to reach you or your appointed agent, we will refer to your medical care preferences (as instructed in our Master Boarding Agreement).

CCTV access is available as an add-on exclusively for Premier Suite bookings.

If your cat is already lodging at Nekoya, please contact our customer service team to assist with your extension request. Please note that it may not be possible to extend your cat’s stay if there are no available lodging premises to accommodate the extension.

If your stay has yet to commence, please make an extension online via our booking platform.

Yes! Once you check in, our caretakers will provide you with the QR code to receive daily reports on your kitty’s well-being. Stay connected with your cat’s happiness and comfort throughout their stay with us!