Cat Boarding Preparation

Booked in for a stay at our cat hotel? Here’s what you’ll need to pack for kitty’s stay.
Please note that payment for services is accepted via PayNow.

✧ Kitty's Packing List ✧

  • A favourite toy
  • A grooming brush
  • A disposable cardboard scratcher
  • A clean mat or bed
  • Hard transport crate
  • A pipette of Revolution spot-on (or equivalent)
  • Individually packed & labelled meals

Each meal must be labelled in the following format along with a set of written feeding instructions:

a. Name of Cat
b. Date & Time (e.g. 13/5/2022, Lunch)

✧ Paperwork ✧

  • Owner identification card
  • Sterilisation certificate/tipped ears
  • A valid FVRCP vaccination (covering the stay)

Vaccination should be completed at least 14 days prior to check-in date

✧ Getting to Nekoya ✧

Via Car
Via Nekoya Private Taxi

Parking spaces are generally available within close proximity to our cat hotels.

For Nekoya KAP, there is an indoor carpark available within the King Albert Park Residences Mall.

For Nekoya Kampong Bahru, there are parking spaces along Blair Road and an outdoor carpark at Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal, further down the road.

For Nekoya Jalan Kayu, there is an outdoor carpark next to the prata shop along Jalan Kayu.

For Nekoya Jalan Malu Malu, there are parking spaces available just outside, or along the landed properties.

Please transport your cat to the hotels with the use of a secure transport crate. Where possible, it is strongly advised that you only use the service lift, as opposed to escalators or passenger lifts. This route will provide a quiet, safe entrance, that is as close as possible to any Nekoya cat hotel.

✧ Checking In ✧

  • Check-in begins from 2PM until 5:30PM daily. Please inform us of your time of arrival at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please DO NOT be late for check-in. We reserve the right to attend to other guests if you are not present within 15 minutes of your expected arrival.
  • Early check-in fees are applicable at the rate of $20 an hour (from 12PM – 1PM)
  • Please note that regardless of membership tier, cabins shall be allocated by our caretakers based on each cat’s temperament. Customers are strictly not allowed to select cabins for their cats.

✧ Checking Out ✧

  • Check-out begins from 11AM to 12:30PM daily.
  • Payment for services is accepted via PayNow.
  • We provide late checkout services till 2PM at the rate of $20 an hour.
  • If reservations are full, Nekoya reserves the right to house your cat temporarily in its carrier while waiting to be checked out.
  • Pets not picked up by 2PM will be charged an additional day’s boarding rate. The daily price will then lodge your cat until 11AM the subsequent day.
  • Any cats left uncollected without prior notice to the hotel 24 hours before check-out will be deemed abandoned.