Cat Boarding Requirements

We require that all cats boarding at the Nekoya Cat Hotel…

  • Have completed the full course of Core Cat Vaccination covering the duration of boarding dates OR; 
  • Are in possession of a titer test, displaying a sufficient amount of core cat vaccine antibodies
  • Vaccination should be completed 14 days prior to check-in date
  • Not be FIV or FeLV positive
  • Are sterilised if over 8 months of age (or showing signs of sexual maturity)
  • Are physically free of fleas, ticks, mites, and other transmittable parasites
  • Are in physical good health (ie. not exhibiting symptoms of transmittable illness/disease)
  • Be clean (ie. eyes, ears and coat are not dirty) and has had its nails clipped

We do not accept cats who are non-compliant with our admission guidelines. It is your responsibility as your cat’s owner to ensure that it is healthy enough to enter a shared cat boarding environment.

In some cases, we may accept a written note issued by a Veterinarian, superceding our Boarding Requirements, thereby declaring the cat to be suitable to enter a shared cat boarding facility. These scenarios include:

  • The cat being unsuitable to receive a vaccination or booster shot for health/age-related reasons
  • The cat having just recovered from an illness, bacterial, viral or fungal infection (etc. ringworm)
  • The cat having just recovered from a parasite infestation (etc. fleas, ticks, mites)
  • The cat develops skin allergic to topical spot-on preventives (etc. Frontline, Revolution)

What happens if I do not ensure that my cat is suitable for boarding and is rejected at the point of check-in?

Cats who do not meet our Boarding Requirements at the point of check-in will be rejected for boarding and a 50% fee on the booking will be retained, with the outstanding 50% refunded to the original mode of payment within 7 working days.

Special Considerations

For kittens
For senior/geriatric cats

A kitten shall be defined as any cat below 12 months of age.

Kittens below the age of 4 months are often very active, happy to explore new environments and socialble! However, because of their young age, they are prone to falling ill more easily as compared to adult cats.

We always recommend that clients with kittens (defined as below 12 months of age) complete a full vaccination schedule prior to entering our facilities. This can be done at your local veterinarian when they are of:

  1. 8 weeks of age
  2. 12 weeks of age
  3. 16 weeks of age

If your kitten is unable to produce proof of completion of its vaccinations, your veterinarian must provide a written note stating that it is suitable for boarding despite the incomplete vaccination course. Our caretakers may advise that they are confined in their cabins for the duration of their stay for their own  health and safety.

✧​ Boarding Terms & Conditions ✧​


  • To place a new reservation or booking extension, please use our online booking system.
  • Reservations can be made up to 3 days before your cat’s preferred stay. 
  • We encourage making cabin reservations at least 1 month in advance of your travel date.
  • For clients requiring urgent boarding arrangements, please call our customer service hotline for assistance.


  • We accept payments through our online booking system.
  • Payments can be made via Credit Card or PayNow
  • Payment for bookings must be received prior to cabin reservations
  • Payment for a booking is indicative that you have been reserved a cabin – However, it does not guarantee your cat’s stay.
  • Your cat’s stay is only guaranteed after it has been confirmed to be compliant with our Boarding Requirements at the point of check-in.

Processing of Bookings

  • We request at least 2 working days for your booking to be processed.
  • All guests must fill up our Master Boarding Agreement and a Pet Assessment Form (per cat). These must be provided to us at least 24 hours prior to check-in.
  • All cats are subject to a physical Health and Behavioural Assessment at the point of check-in to ensure that they are healthy, free of parasites, and able to be handled by our staff
  • Cats will be provided with admission to our hotel only after they have passed our Health and Behavioural Assessment. They must remain compliant with our Boarding Guidelines as stated in our Master Boarding Agreement for the entire duration of their stay in order to continue lodging at our facilities.

Rejection of Cats at Check-in

While a very rare instance, there are occasions where we have unfortunately had to reject cats at the point of check-in. All of the cats that we have rejected were non-compliant with our Boarding Guidelines, or whose owners had failed to ensure that they had read our Terms and Conditions adequately.

We strongly encourage all owners to ensure that their cats are suitable for lodging at our premises before placing a booking. The best way to ensure this is to ask your veterinarian to issue any and all documents that you will require to prove that your cat is compliant with our Boarding Guidelines.

In the event that your cat is found to be unsuitable for boarding at the point of check-in, 50% handling fee on their booking shall be incurred.  The remaining monies shall be refunded within (7) working days to the Owner. If there are treatment methods available that will allow your cat to become suitable for boarding, we reserve the right to engage:

  • A transportation partner to send your cat back to you at your expense
  • A grooming company to attend to any hygiene or parasitical issues at your expense
  • A veterinarian to administer consultation, and subsequently treatment of your cat for any health issues at your expense
  • Employ any and all ways to ensure that your cat is suitable for admission to Nekoya

A $80 service charge per cat per trip or equivalent amount, excluding travel expenses incurred, will be chargeable in such an event.


  • If your cat has previously been ill with an infectious disease, a written letter of authorization must be provided from your veterinarian regarding your cat’s health status and eligibility for boarding.
  • You agree that Nekoya cannot be held liable should your cat fall sick during its stay with us if it has had a prior underlying health condition.
  • If your cat falls ill during its stay with us, they will be taken to the nearest veterinarian on duty at the soonest available time. It is compulsory for all guests to leave details of a agent who may assist in caring for your cat should it fall sick and require intensive care.
  • A $80 surcharge, exclusive of travel and veterinary expenses incurred, shall be chargeable per visit to the vet.


  • You will be asked to provide a set of written feeding instructions upon check in, for owners preparing their pet’s meals.
  • Please provide your cat’s food from home. This is a healthy transition for them and changing their food while boarding may cause digestive upset and illness with diarrhoea.
  • Food should be labelled & bagged accurately. Please DO NOT provide us with whole containers or bags of cat food.
  • We regret that we are unable to feed raw and home-cooked diets for food safety reasons.

Acceptance of Risk

The Nekoya Cat Hotel takes great pride in trying to provide our clients with the cleanest, most comfortable boarding facility in Singapore. We exercise great care to keep our premises clean, sanitary and properly enclosed for the safety of each cat. We check each and every guest for visible signs of parasites, infection, illness and disease. However, no cattery can guarantee that it is 100% safe against bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites that can go undetected without laboratory testing, including us. As much as we put in place very stringent measures to screen, disinfect and protect against every threat, you do take a risk every time you board your cat.

    • In engaging our services, you agree to release Nekoya and our staff from all liability for any loss, expense or equivalent, that you may suffer or bear as a result of any happening at our premise, from the time of your cat being boarded at the facility.
    • Your cat may or may not be allowed to leave its cabin depending on its personal preference and/or any pre-existing health conditions.
    • A cat allowed to leave its cabin will be provided access to the shared play lounge within the hotel facility. While we strive to maintain the pristine cleanliness and hygiene standards of the play lounge, you are advised that it is a common space and the Nekoya Cat Hotel and its staff cannot guarantee against any sickness, disease etc. contracted by your cat as a result of use of the play lounge. Please inform our staff if you prefer for us NOT to let your cat out daily.