Nekoya Cat Sitting

Customize our professional home drop-in services to your preference for complete peace of mind.

Cat Sitting Service

  • Assigns a professional cat caretaker to care for your cat within the comforts of home
  • Conduct daily health & behavioral checks
  • Personalized feeding schedule per cat
  • Daily litter box refreshing
  • General cleaning of cat area
  • Playtime at each visit
  • Daily text or video updates
  • Provides medical assistance (oral/injectables upon request)

Suitable for cats who are:

  • FIV / FeLV positive
  • Easily stressed by outdoor interactions
  • Unsterilized
  • Recovering from illness or require quarantine from healthy cats
  • Convalescing or immunocompromised 
  • Chronically or terminally ill
  • Multi-cat households

Our Rates

*No min. days required to book!

  • Daily well-being updates 
  • Daily fur brushing and facial cleanse 
  • Twice daily housekeeping & disinfection
  • Customised feeding schedule
  • Supplement feeding included in meals (if required)

Please note:

  • 1-2 cats are covered in the advertised rate. An extra $15 will be levied for each additional cat requiring care.
  • A 60 min session minimally is required for bookings of 3 cats or more to ensure quality care can be accorded to all cats.

Besides caring for your feline companion, our cat sitters also provide an assortment of services!

For more details & bookings, please give us a call.

Return to a clean, tidy home! For $25, your sitter can vacuum and mop your floor before they leave.

(Price applicable to ~90m2 floor space)

Have kitty’s litter box thoroughly disinfected and washed for $10.

If you’ve run out of cat food, your sitter can facilitate a purchase on your behalf from >$20.

Please note that transport fees and the cost of your cat food is not included, and will be added onto the base price.

Opt for an express groom for your cat for $60. A session includes full facial cleansing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

Have a vet visit scheduled or need kitty brought to the clinic? We can bring your cat(s) to the vet and back for $80.

Transport and vet fees apply separately.

If you’d like to extend your session for extra care or playtime, you can enquire for a personalized quote.