Our Partners

At Nekoya, we only partner with the best in class in various industries, to provide the best we can for our feline friends and human customers. Listed on this page, you will find a selection of reputable brands, organizations and companies whom we use at the hotel, or work closely with, to support our vision of providing a safe, hygienic and superior cat boarding experience for cat owners in Singapore.

Nekomori Cat Salon

The Nekomori Cat Salon provides holistic, low-stress grooming services for cats only. Situated next to Nekoya Central, Nekomori is a 100% dog-free facility and each grooming experience is tailored to fit the needs of individual cats, and conducted at a pace that is comfortable for them.

The Nekomori Cat Salon is pleased to offer complimentary transport services to clients lodging at Nekoya, wishing to engage their cat grooming services. Please enquire with your caretaker at check-in for more information.

Neko Neko Cat Store

Nekoya Jalan Kayu is situated within the Neko Neko cat store, Singapore’s first holistic cat store crafted for total feline well-being. It also conveniently houses Neko Neko cat supplies and Nekomori cat salon under the same roof.

Should your cat require purchase of any supplies or a freshen up, simply have a chat with your caretaker to make the necessary arrangements.

Nekojam Cat Supplies

The Nekojam cat store is a cat owner’s one-stop shop for the largest variety of feline products in Singapore at unbeatable prices! With free islandwide delivery >$59, the store is frequently patronized by cat owners for great deals on cat food and cat litter, as well as weekly promotions and offers.

All products used in Nekoya can be purchased online via the Nekojam online store for complimentary delivery to your doorstep or to our cat hotels.

Brighton Vet

Brighton Vet is our preferred partnering veterinary clinic in the West of Singapore. Located a stone’s throw away from Nekoya@King Albert Park, along Bukit Timah Road, you can be assured that your cat will be receiving quality care in the hands of trained professionals.

Please click here for information pertaining to Brighton Vet’s rates and opening hours.


Amber Cat Vet

Amber Cat Vet is our preferred partnering veterinary clinic in the East of Singapore. Located a stone’s throw away from Nekoya@Paya Lebar, you can be assured that your cat will be receiving quality care in the hands of trained professionals.

Please click here for information pertaining to Amber Cat Vet’s rates and opening hours.

Jason’s Pet Relocation

As psychotherapists by profession and pet owners themselves, Jason’s Pet Relocation (Singapore) has experience importing, exporting and trans-shipping pets to over 200 cities in more than 53 countries worldwide, they are one of Nekoya’s preferred partners for pet relocation services.

Cats using Jason’s Pet Relocation services may enquire with them for discounted boarding rates at the Nekoya Cat Hotel.

Pet Embassy

Pet Embassy specializes in pet relocation services to countries like Australia, Indonesia, Norway, United Kingdom and United States, just to name a few. With the help of their global network of pet relocation and transport specialists, their expert team can make the otherwise cumbersome import/export process a breeze for you and your family.

Cats using Pet Embassy’s services may enquire with them for discounted boarding rates at the Nekoya Cat Hotel.

Cat Welfare Society

The Cat Welfare Society is a charity that aims to promote a humane, responsible, and informed society in Singapore where cats are cared for responsibly as pets, and treated with kindness as community cats. Nekoya aims to support CWS in raising awareness of this cause, and we offer $10 off our holistic cat boarding services on stays of 5D4N or longer, to CWS members.

Learn more about signing up for a CWS membership here.

*CWS membership discount is not valid for use in conjunction with other ongoing promotions or offers.

F10 Veterinary Disinfectant

The F10 veterinary disinfectant is a highly concentrated product used for disinfection of surfaces. It has been previously touted as “the Rolls Royce of disinfectants” by a specialist veterinarian in the United Kingdom, and is used by veterinarians in Singapore to sanitize shared-animal facilities, tools and surfaces.

All Nekoya Cat Hotels are protected by, and use the F10 range of products in our facility.


Unicharm’s two-tray system “Deo-Toilets” are our litter bins of choice. Through the combined use of its unique zeolite, silica-gel blend litter pellets and anti-bacterial tray sheets, UniCharm efficiently reduces odour and tracking, and does an excellent job in keeping our cozy cabins hygienic and comfortable for our guests.

Nekoya is proud to be the exclusive partnering cat hotel of UniCharm cat toilets in Singapore.

Germitrol AIResearch

GERMITROL Airesearch Technology has dedicated itself over the past 25 years, to ensuring th at the air we breath is clean and good for our health. All Nekoya Cat Hotels are protected by Germitrol Air Sterilizers, which, unlike other common consumer air cleaners, go above and beyond to not just filter air, but kill germs, viruses, and other dangerous fine particles.


We’ve selected Dyson cordless vacuums for use in all our hotels, to maintain and uphold high standards of cleanliness throughout our facilities.

We use the V8 and V10 Fluffy cordless vacuums for easy, unrestricted cleaning from cabin to cabin, as well as on floors and surfaces, to remove harmful airborne particles, odours, bacteria, viruses and fungi.