Update to Policy Regarding Cancellation of Viewings

It has come to the team’s attention that a small percentage of users on the site are blocking out viewing slots via our online reservation system, but not attending them on the selected time and dates. As such, the Nekoya Cat Hotel would like to put into effect some guidelines regarding the cancellation of complimentary viewing appointments.

Our caretakers have expressed concern that such no-shows are disruptive to their daily schedules, as the time spent waiting to conduct a viewing could be better used tending to our guests. It is also frustrating for each of them to have to make calls and issue reminders to potential viewers about upcoming appointments, only to find that the person is uncontactable when the time draws near. Since all viewing slots are reserved to allow potential clients to experience the hotel’s spaces privately with their cats, we seek your understanding in being gracious and courteous in providing the team with due notice should you not be able to make the trip.

If you are unable to attend your viewing after placing a booking, we hope that you will contact the hotelier at least 3 hours prior to our caretakers expecting you, so that they may cancel and release the viewing slot to another interested party on your behalf who may need to view the hotel on urgent notice.

While we do not collect deposits for viewings at this point in time, we regret that those associated with no-shows will be blacklisted and treated with lower priority in future interactions with the Nekoya Cat Hotel. This includes but does not limit itself to ineligibility for future discounts and promotions, or denial of bookings to engage our services.

The Nekoya Cat Hotel apologizes for any inconvenience caused. We certainly look forward to caring for your cats soon!