Restrictions on Child Admission in the Nekoya Cat Hotel

Despite repeated reminders by our caretakers, we’ve had a high rate of incidences of children entering the hotelier and causing disturbances to our guests. The management of the Nekoya Cat Hotel seeks to take active measures to ensure the utmost safety of our clients, and would henceforth like to inform our audiences that with effect from 5 June 2017, children under the age of 12 are not permitted within the Nekoya Cat Hotel for viewings. We would also like to issue the following statements and guidelines on children visiting the Nekoya Cat Hotel.


If you are booking a viewing at the Nekoya Cat Hotel, we seek your cooperation in understanding that our guests are strictly off-limits to anyone but our caretakers and their owners, and that it is the duty of each parent to ensure that their children are on their best behaviour in public environments. We would like to remind visitors that our clients, and even your own cats, are highly likely to be stressed by screaming, shouting and rowdy behaviour.

If a child absolutely has to accompany you for the duration of the viewing, he/she will be asked to wait at the check-in area quietly. Children of visitors are strictly not allowed within the boarding area.

If a child is noisy, rowdy or in any way causing distress to our guests despite repeated warnings not to touch or disturb any cats in our care, our caretakers will have to ask that he/she waits outside of the hotelier.

Check-In or Checkout

If a child is required to accompany you for admission or collection of your cat from the hotel premises, we ask that they do not touch or interact with any cats other than yours while they are within the boarding area. Children who are non-compliant or do not listen to our caretakers will be asked to leave the boarding area immediately.


We thank each of you for your understanding in this matter, and apologize for any inconvenience caused.