Changes to Check-In/Check-Out Policy (From April 2023)

Dear clients, please take note of the following changes to Nekoya’s Check-In and Check-Out policy, which affects arrivals and departures from 1 April 2023:


Check-Ins: 2pm – 6pm

Check-In Extension: Earliest 12pm

Check-Outs: 11am – 1pm

Check-Out Extension: Latest 2pm

Waiting charges apply at $20/hour*.

This change better allows us to ensure the fair provision of cabins to guests who are lodging in our facilities, and ensures our Caretakers can best focus on caring for their feline clients without being affected by unexpected circumstances or unforeseen delays. *Please note that extensions of check-in and checkout timings are subject to same-day availability, and do not guarantee the provision of a cabin. If you are unsure of your return, please ensure your cat has a cabin to lodge in by booking it out in advance. We regret that if your cat’s cabin is to be occupied by another cat during the wait period, it will have to be checked out to wait in its carrier until your return, in fairness to the next owner who has booked the facility to accommodate his/her travel plans. We thank you for your kind understanding and look forward to serving you soon! 😺