Welcome to Nekoya.

Welcome to Nekoya

Our brand was founded in 2016 with a simple mission - To change the way we view cat ownership through an emphasis on holistic cat care. Our team of cat lovers and owners are committed to helping you care for the physical, emotional and mental needs of your feline friends!

Join us in creating a community of Better Cat Parents.

✧ Our Services ✧

Boarding & Daycare

Boarding & Daycare

Our hotels provide restful reprieves for felines that focus on complete care for all their needs! Crafted for cats only, we offer daycare and cat boarding services from our facilities at Bukit Timah, Outram Park and Jalan Kayu.

Foster & Rescue

Fostering & Adoption

When our availability allows for it, we foster and care for kittens who come to us from various walks in life. Our goal? To raise well-adjusted, healthy cats, and match them responsibly to the right families in search of a lifelong companion.

Courses & Workshops

Courses & Workshops

We conduct educational talks and leisure workshops for cat lovers and professional courses for those seeking a career in pet care. The goal? To build a progressive, informed and responsible cat community.

Crafted for holistic feline well-being, each Nekoya Cat Hotel boasts features that are most relevant for each of our guest's needs outside of their comfort zone.

Cat-only Boarding

Clean, Odourless and Transparent Facilities

Open Everyday, Every Year

Wherever, Whenever - We're Close By

Trusted by cat owners islandwide. Read about our customers' Nekoya Experience:

✧ Get to know us ✧

You should always ask questions and arrange to view your boarding premise of choice prior to committing to a reservation. We enthusiastically welcome private visitations to the Nekoya Cat Hotel by inquisitive guests at our facilities. Our caretakers would be pleased to make your acquaintance!