Nekomori Cat Salon- Full Services Available

From 19 June 2020, our sister company, Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon will be able to offer all grooming services for cat in Singapore.

Prior to Phase 2, Nekomori could only do essential grooming such as basic groom. Spas and creative cuts were not allowed. If your cat is currently unkempt or in need of a bath or groom, why not consider our sister company, Nekomori Cat Salon.

About Nekomori Cat Salon

Nekomori Cat Salon is a grooming salon catering specifically to cats. The grooming facility is designed for the purpose of providing holistic, low-stress grooming services for cats at our nature-inspired establishment in Singapore, for cats of all ages and comfort levels of all ranges.

Nekomori Grooming Services

Nekomori offers a wide range of grooming services for cats such as:

The Mori Express groom which is recommended for feline friends who are exceptionally skittish and completely new to the grooming experience. It also works fantastically as a simple freshen-up in between regular grooming sessions.

The Mori Essential Groom covers the basics of an effective cat care routine. It’s perfect for fuss-free kitties who want to keep fresh and clean on a regular basis!

Finally, you can also opt for the complete Nekomori experience with the Mori Signature Groom! Nekomori artisans recommend this all-in-one treatment for cats of all ages.

The full list of Cat Grooming Services can be found here.

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