Eda the Fiesty Kitten

Singapore Ticked Kitten

Eda is a shy little girl! Found tied up, trapped in gunny sacks, and thrown in the trash, she was left for dead by a cruel person who to this date, is still walking the streets. A kind hearted lady heard desperate mews from the refuse area on her way to work, and brought her home. Eda was found a few days after her sister; Mame, who was disposed of in the exact same conditions. She takes some time to warm up to you, but with the encouragement of little Mame, Eda shows her sweet hidden side.

Mame is a dainty girl in pictures, but don’t be fooled! She loves to play rough. She is extremely close to her sister; Mame, and is never too far from her. As of March 2017, Eda has since gone to her forever home, alongside her sister; Mame. We thank Anna for opening her home to these two little sisters and for giving them a well-deserved second chance 🙂