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Whether it’s caring for your beloved pet for a day or a month, our intelligently designed social and living quarters are built to look, feel and smell like home. Crafted for total feline wellbeing, each Nekoya Cat Hotel boast features that are most relevant for each cat’s needs outside of their comfort zone.

Nekoya Services Daycare

Cat Daycare

$5 per hour
In blocks of 4 hours

Nekoya Services Boarding

Cat Boarding

Private Cabin – From $35/night
Twin Sharing – From $60/night

Nekoya Services Long Term

Long Term Cat Care

Rates begin from
as low as $20/night

All The Comforts Of Home

Each Nekoya Cat Hotel’s warm and welcoming environment helps guests adapt to their new surroundings, and our private boarding cabins are comfortable for cats of all sizes.

24/7 AIR


The hotel is also routinely sanitised with veterinary grade disinfectants, and fitted with a custom designed air-filtration system.



Unknown sound, sight and smell causes fear in cats. Our private living quarters allow guests to de-stress quickly and easily.



Our cat whisperers are happy to help mimic your cat’s schedule through constant care and supervision.

Customize Your Stay

Besides caring for your feline companion, our hotels offer a variety of products and services for a more personalized stay at Nekoya. Add what you need to your booking and we’ll help make it happen.

Media Updates

Hire a private eye, and jet away with total peace of mind. The daily price includes a minimum of three photo/video updates sent to your mobile device.


Meal Menu

Nekoya stocks an assortment of meals and treats that you can pick out at check-in. Do inform our friendly caretakers if your kitty as any allergies.


Extended Playtime

Treat kitty to a full hour of uninterrupted, free roam of our indoor play lounge and lovely sunbaths by our windows on a single day of its stay.

Check-in & Checkout Extensions

We understand that plans change or flights may delay. Some things happen that are out of our control. Have the flexibility to extend your cat’s stay according to your travel schedule.

spa services

Spa Services

Vacations are a time for pampering! Our services include waterless baths, facial cleanses, nail clipping, brushing and more so that guests can head home clean and fresh from their stay.

Additional Services

Contact our caretakers prior to booking should your kitty require extra care such as administering of medication (pill, syringe feeding, sub-cut injections) and we will advise accordingly.

Portia and Petrina are genuine cat lovers, so you can definitely entrust your beloved cat with them. The funny and creative captions they send along with Peanut’s photo never fails to crack me up too.

I believe Peanut had a wonderful time boarding at Nekoya. When I came to pick Peanut up, he was actually sitting beside Portia. I bet he will miss you girls so much!

Thanks for taking care of Peanut! And so sorry about Peanut eating your plant!

Pailin Lee
Monday, January 9, 2017

There are 2 things I really fear in pet hotels – crummy, dirty, cramped quarters because the hotel owners really don’t care and crazed cat people who think that cats are humans … I am delighted to say that Nekoya is run by seriously lovely people who really care about the kitty cats.

They are down to earth but obviously love the cats a lot and the care and attention they give is just amazing for ‘strangers’ to my cats.

Michelle Sara-Joy Ang
Sunday, December 25, 2016

This is my first time sending my little boy for staycation.Very very worried for him at first due to his character but with the service given and constant update my worried start to fade away. My boy Mika enjoy his stay. All the staff manage to make him feel like home and tame him.lol!!
Highly recommended for all paw parents out there service and environment thumps up 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ann Adira Shakira
Sunday, December 18, 2016

George certainly had a great ‘staycation’ of two weeks in Nekoya! The hotel has a very cosy and relaxing ambience with airconditioning and soft music playing. The cabin is of a good size for George to retreat to, especially in the first few days of checking in when he was rather traumatised. Debrah and Portia did a very good job in handling George. They hand-fed George on the second day to get him to eat and slowly coaxed him out of his cabin for his daily individual playtime.

Susan Ang
Sunday, December 18, 2016

The whole booking process was smooth with Debrah and Portia answering all my queries and that reassured me that Boo will be in good hands while we were away. I can also see that they put in great effort to ensure that each cat-client would feel at ease and comfortable while away from home. Boo was well taken care of and I will definitely choose Nekoya again for Boo’s next staycation!

Rie Ohno
Thursday, December 15, 2016

We are so glad to have placed Jasper at Nekoya Cat Hotel. The care and attentiveness given were superb. Jasper has never been away from us before and we were deeply worried about how our handsome boy could cope in the new environment and people around him. Jasper may be huge and majestic looking, but he is very timid and highly cautious by nature. With the twice daily video and photo updates from Nekoya, we were quickly put at ease.

Liz Dju
Monday, December 5, 2016

Before The Trip...

To ensure optimal service standards and a comfortable, safe stay for all our guests, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our hotel's practices and guidelines.

Operating Hours

All viewings are by appointment only. Please make a reservation before travelling to the hotel.

Our operating hours are between 11AM to 6PM daily. Viewings are only available on weekends between 2PM to 6PM.

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Transportation and Parking

Private pet transportation to the hotel is available at $20 per one-way trip, via the PetMate Singapore taxi app.

Public and private car parking is available within walking distance of all our outlets.

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Terms of Stay

Before preparing your cat for its stay, please ensure that it is compliant with our general admission guidelines.

We regret that any cats found to be unsuitable for boarding and daycare will have to be rejected at check-in.