Viewing Appointments



  • Experience Nekoya privately
  • Meet our caretakers and understand our practices
  • Slots are available in 30 min blocks
  • Maximum of four guests allowed at any one time
  • You may bring up to two cats with you in their carriers

Slots are available by appointment only. We do not allow kids below the age of 12 within the hotelier. Please only use the service lift for transportation of cats into the building, and ring the doorbell if the door is locked.


Come and experience the Nekoya cat hotel for yourself. We warmly welcome private viewings and encourage prospective guests to make a trip over, so we can show you around the premises. This opportunity will also allow you to ask any questions you may have pertaining to our rates and/or practices.

When Are Viewings Held?

Viewings are only conducted on Fridays to Sundays, for the comfort and safety of guests boarding with us. You will be asked to remove your shoes and sanitize your hands prior to entering the boarding area. Please do not touch any of the cats in our care.

Can I Bring My Child For Viewings?

With effect from 1st June 2017, we regret that children are not allowed within the boarding area of the Nekoya Cat Hotel for viewings, as we have unfortunately had to issue reminders to parents that all visitors are not allowed to touch or disturb feline guests. Children also tend to be rowdy and noisy, and have previously caused distress to cats in our care. For these reasons, if children absolutely have to accompany guests for viewings, our caretakers reserve the right to ask that children wait outside of the hotel premises if they fail to behave. Read our official statement here.

I Am Here For My Viewing But No One is Around.

Our opening hours are from 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM. If you are at Nekoya and no one seems to be in the hotelier, it is likely that we have stepped out to clean litter bins, or that the caretaker on duty is within the boarding area tending to the cats. Please kindly press the doorbell located on the left side of the entrance to alert us of your arrival, or call us at 62883636. The door is normally locked as we do not encourage walk-ins, for the safety of our guests.


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