Cozy Cabins


From $39.00 per night

  • 1.2m long undisturbed, private cabin
  • Fits cats as large as 113cm (head to tail)
  • 24/7 air-conditioned lodging
  • Separate play, rest, bathroom dining areas
  • Cat litter provided for duration of stay
  • Complimentary feeding services
  • Includes daily play time
  • Scenic view overlooking Changi Road

Accommodates an additional cat at $25 per night


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  • Check-in time 2:00 pm
  • Check-out time 11:00 am


The Nekoya cat hotel is the perfect place to board your cats while you are away from home. Whether it’s for a family vacation, last minute business trip, or renovations in the home, our intelligently designed cat cabins are made with function and your cat’s wellbeing in mind. Our facility in Singapore provides a cozy environment for your cat, and our trained, professional cat whisperers will dedicate their time towards ensuring they have a pleasant stay.

Please note that regardless of membership tier, cabins shall be allocated by our caretakers based on each cat’s temperament. Customers are strictly not allowed to select cabins for their cats.

Peak season rates may apply for the duration of your stay, at an additional $10 per night. Please enquire with our concierge if you require assistance regarding prices prior to placing your booking.