About This Project

Eda and Mame don’t have a happy story to share. These two kittens were found separately; one after the other, tied up, trapped in gunny sacks, and thrown in the trash – Left for dead by a cruel person who to this date, is still walking the streets.

Their lives were only spared because a kind hearted lady heard desperate mews from the refuse area on her way to work, and brought them home. As Mame was found first, a few days ahead of his sister, we were alerted to the situation and offered to open up one of our cabins for him to stay in, and what a sad kitten he was. Frightened, feral and alone, Mame would hiss and spit at anyone who tried to touch him, and became reclusive. It was not until we were told that another kitten had been found that we made the connection that he could have other litter mates, and offered to also take Eda in, a few days later.

Mame’s eyes lit up when he was his sister, and since then, both of them have been inseparable. They’ve spent the last couple weeks growing up in the Nekoya Cat Hotel, and have learnt many new things – How to play, how to use the litter box, how to share their food bowls – But most importantly, that humans aren’t all mean.