About This Project

Imo was found at just 2 days of age without his mother, and hassince then been hand-raised by our team of caretakers at the Nekoya Cat Hotel 🙂 He was found with his brother, Ebi, who has since found his home. Imo wants to go home too, and we think he’s entirely deserving – This rambunctious, clever and extremely affectionate boy is a social butterfly who loves people and other cats!

Imo has a beautiful, smooth white coat and spots of ginger. He also sports an elegant, long tail. Imo gets his name from “satsumaimo”; which means Sweet Potato in Japanese. He is always up for play time and knows how to fetch, but will also come looking for a lap to snuggle in when it’s time for some cuddles.

Imo is healthy, active and always welcomes new guests to Nekoya with a playful greeting when he passes their cabins! Interested adopters can enquire with our caretakers at [email protected] if they would like to meet Imo and consider him for a new addition to their family.

Imo will come to you:

  • Completely vaccinated (FVRCP)
  • Dewormed
  • Sterilized
  • Receiving regular doses of Revolution
  • Eats both wet and dry cat food

Imo is suitable for:

  • New cat owners
  • Shared cat households

We comply with Cat Welfare Society adoption guidelines. Window meshing is required for safety, as Imo is very active and loves to scale to heights. Adoption fees will apply and come with receipts to cover the cost of Imo’s medical visits and food expenses (lodging and care is entirely subsidized by Nekoya). We invite interested adopters to get in touch with us at [email protected] 🙂