About This Project

Prepare for trouble – And make it double! Ebi and Imo were found at just 2 days of age without their mother, and since then; hand-raised by one of our very own caretakers 🙂

Ebi; the bob-tailed ginger kitten, is so named because his golden colour makes him resemble a freshly fried tempura. He is inquisitive, vocal, and loves to play with his brother.

Imo has a beautiful, smooth white coat and spots of ginger. He also sports an elegant, long tail. Imo gets his name from “satsumaimo”; which means Sweet Potato in Japanese. He is a sweet boy who grew up quiet and affectionate, always looking for a lap to snuggle in.

These two boys are healthy, active and sociable. By 12+ weeks of age they will be ready to find their forever homes, but for now, have taken up temporary residence at [email protected] to learn manners from our other guests, socialize, play, and meet their potential family through adoption viewings! Will you welcome them into your home?