Meet The Team

The Nekoya Cat Hotel is Singapore’s leading provider of private cat daycare and private, professional boarding services. Every cat that comes and goes through our door is a treasured furry friend – And we want to help cat owners take much needed vacations by being able to trust us with their cats when caring for them personally sometimes isn’t possible.

Working at the Nekoya Cat Hotel means you have to be a dedicated cat lover, and understand our clients with a whole heart – Not just our human clients, but the feline ones, too. Do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a superior boarding experience for as many cats and their owners as possible.

Our Mission

We want to transform how cat owners travel, and let them travel happy. We aim do this through being Genuine, Honest,  Passionate, and through our four pillars of Holistic Cat Care.


As founder of the Nekoya Cat Hotel, Debrah is passionate about continuously exploring new and exciting ways to enrich the lives of pet cats and their human companions!

If she isn’t knee deep in work or pre-occupied with watching the latest episode of Dexter, you’ll find Debrah enjoying a quiet moment with her cat; Choops, in a tranquil corner of her little home with a warm cup of tea.

Operations Manager

The kind of girl you’ll find at a party hanging out with the guests’ pets, Dionna is an all-around animal lover and photography enthusiast – Which makes Nekoya the perfect workplace for her, because she gets to pet AND photograph cats every day!

When she’s not lending her lap to the snuggliest kitty within a mile, you’ll find Dionna cuddled up at home with her cat; Snow, binge watching Netflix or enjoying a good ol’ Vegan burger.

Cat Caretaker

Ivan is a lover of all animals, big or small. Before Nekoya, he used to work at the Singapore River Safari, and a testimony of his love for them lives on in the form of an adorable panda tattoo on his hand. Ivan has always had a fascination for cats – So when he’s not buried in books about how to improve standards of care for his feline charges, you’ll find him baking cakes or pastries for family and friends!

Cat Caretaker

When her son graduated from school, Suria threw in the towel and bid the corporate world goodbye! Now, she’s enjoying a pretty awesome early retirement at the Nekoya Cat Hotel. Our resident clean freak, she loves making sure every nook and cranny is spotless and neat, and her love for cats has manifested in feline nutrition savvy.

Outside of work, you’ll find Suria at home tending to her 2 brachycephalic feline overlords; Arici, 4, and Amer, a grumpy 12 year old who refuses to put up with Arici’s antics and mischief!

Cat Caretaker

Everyone who knows Tessa, knows how much she loves cats. Since her secondary school days, she would often be found hanging out with community cats in her neighbourhood.

Being a caretaker at Nekoya is the perfect fit for her as it also nurtures her to be a better pet parent. Especially now that she has one of her own – a 5-year-old cat named Pom Pom. When she’s not doing anything cat-related, Tessa runs her own music production company and is usually found playing computer games on the weekends.

Cat Care Assistant

Having grown up surrounded by dogs and cats, Rachel’s love for animals started at a very young age and developed a natural affinity with them. Working at Nekoya is more than just a job to her, it allows her to pursue her dedication towards bonding with animals.

In her time outside of Nekoya, she also runs a local photobooth company. She is at her happiest when she’s snuggling up with her dog, enjoying a Netflix marathon, going to concerts & festivals, or taking a beach holiday.

Hotel Operations

Being a Cat Caretaker is no easy feat – Our feline clients are very demanding and deserve only the best. Being part of the Cat Care team means you assume the responsibility of caring for our guests while their families are away. It’s a challenging role that demands high attention to detail, but is oddly satisfying when the cats begin snuggling up to you to show their appreciation for the work you do for them!

Current Openings


  • Feed, water, nurture and care for cats
  • Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness within all areas of the hotel
  • Check and monitor for signs of disease, illness or distress in guests
  • Keep detailed records of feeding, exercise and medication schedules
  • Process hotel reservations & viewing appointments
  • Maintain communication touch points with cat owners
  • Facilitate & plan the arrival & departure of guests
  • Provide rewards and treats for good behaviour where necessary

Skills and Abilities Required

While a love of cats ranks among the top qualities we require for our caretakers, additional skills are also just as necessary. Dealing with our clients requires excellent levels of customer service skills and the ability to empathize with cat owners is essential. The job scope also requires high attention to detail, meticulous levels of cleanliness and patience when dealing with cats. It may also be physically demanding at times.

  • Singaporeans or PR only
  • Computer literate – Email, Microsoft/iOS Office
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Ability to converse in Mandarin & Japanese to liaise with clients is advantageous
  • Excellent telephone and interpersonal conversational etiquette
  • Overtime work may ocassionally be required

Additional Qualifications

Caring for feline guests requires our caretakers to have the ability to remain calm during emergency situations. Knowledge concerning basic pet first aid, prior veterinary work experience and volunteer work at animal shelters is a plus.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate for this Role?

At least 1-2 years prior veterinary care experience preferred
New/recent graduates are also welcome to apply and will receive training
1-2 years experience in customer service is good to have
You are excellent at communicating with both customers and staff members
You can multi-task and work independently
You are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the health and safety of our guests

Working Hours

5 Day Work Week
9.30AM to 7.30PM daily

Interested applicants may email [email protected] with your resume and expected salary. Only short-listed applicants will receive a reply, within 3 days of submission of the application.


  • Feed, water, nurture and care for cats
  • Provide rewards and treats for good behaviour where necessary
  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect lodging cabins daily
  • Check and monitor for signs of disease, illness or distress in guests
  • Administer medication to cats when required
  • Lift and move cats as and when needed

Skills and Abilities Required

We’re looking for part-time help for the holiday season. A firm commitment of at least 3 days is required (2 weekdays, 1 weekend weekly – Public holidays included). You musn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and must be able to confidently handle & interact with cats.

  • Singaporeans or PR only
  • Students above 18 years old welcome
  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Working Hours

Minimum 3 Day Work Week
9.30AM to 7.30PM daily

Interested applicants may email [email protected] with your resume. Only short-listed applicants will receive a reply, within 3 days of submission of the application.