What to Pack

Things to Bring

Feline Personal Belongings

  1. A clean blanket
  2. A favourite toy
  3. A brush
  4. A pipette of Revolution for Cats or Kittens per feline guest
  5. A secure transport crate or carrier lined with sanitary sheets
  6. Individually bagged and labelled meals

Necessary Paperwork

  1. Owner’s personal identification card
  2. Proof of vaccination (should cover the duration of boarding)
  3. Proof of sterilization (we also accept tipped ears)
  4. FIV/FeLV negative test

Transportation & Parking

Via Pet Taxi

We engage PetMate to provide private pet taxi services at exclusive rates to customers of Nekoya. For just $20, you can book a one-way trip to our hotel, with or without your cat.

To secure your trip, simply download the PetMate app. The following terms and conditions will apply:

  • Booking has to be done 2 days in advance
  • Pick-up and drop-off location at Nekoya (80 Changi Road or 9 King Albert Park) only
  • Additional charges of $5 apply if the driver is required to drop-off the cats without their owners
  • Surcharge of $6 applies if drop-off is at Sentosa

In the event that you require a last minute booking, we may or may not be able to make arrangements for in-house pet taxi services, chargeable at $60 per one-way trip. Please provide at least 24 hours advanced notice to the hotel if you need such assistance.

Via Car

Private parking is available at both the Centropod building and King Albert Park Mall. 

Please transport your cat to the hotel with the use of a secure transport crate. It is strongly advised that you ONLY use the service lift, as opposed to the escalator or passenger lift. This route will provide a quiet, safe entrance, that is as close as possible to the Nekoya hotel.

We advise that all guests adhere to this practice, for the comfort and safety of your cat, as well as other shoppers and tenants inside the Centropod building who may be afraid of, or dislike cats.

Checking In

  • Check-in begins from 2PM until 6PM daily. Please inform us of your time of arrival at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please DO NOT be late for check-in. We reserve the right to attend to other guests if you are not present within 15 minutes of your expected arrival.
  • Early check-in fees are applicable at the rate of $40 if you are required to drop your cat off before 2PM.
  • Please note that regardless of membership tier, cabins shall be allocated by our caretakers based on each cat’s temperament. Customers are strictly not allowed to select cabins for their cats.

Checking Out

  • A fifteen minute grace period shall be allotted for pick-up of your cat, following which a full day’s daycare price may apply at the rate of $40 and lodge your cat until 6PM.
  • If reservations are full, Nekoya reserves the right to house your cat temporarily in its carrier while waiting to be checked out.
  • Pets not picked up by 6PM will be charged an additional day’s boarding rate, on top of any incurred daycare charges. The daily price will then lodge your cat until 11AM the subsequent day.
  • Any cats left uncollected without prior notice to the hotel 24 hours before check-out, will be deemed abandoned.