Minnie the Lap Kitten

Singapore Bi-Colour Tabby Kitten

Minnie is a playful, yet affectionate 3 month old kitten who jumps at the opportunity to snuggle on your lap. She loves cuddles but is also independent enough to entertain herself with her toys! Minnie’s very own mother knew that she could not care for her kitten and so she carried her to the doorstep of a very kind couple who decided to take her in. Having already taken in 2 other cats that Minnie’s mum brought to them, they were unable to continue caring for Minnie as well. This little one has been at Nekoya since 3rd of April and is now ready to be adopted out to a forever home! She has bigggg ears and the sweetest personality guaranteed to make you go awwwwwww.

As of June 2018, Minnie has gone to her forever home. She now lives with her sister; Snuffles the Ragdoll, and the both of them enjoy play time while their parents are busy at work! Thank you; Mabel and Nicholas, for loving Minnie. You can follow Minnie’s adventures at her Instagram page; @minnie_thekitkat.