The Cat’s Home
Est. 2016

The Nekoya Cat Hotel is Singapore’s first cat capsule hotel dedicated exclusively to caring for felines. As the preferred commercial cat boarding service provider islandwide for the discerning cat owner, we provide holistic boarding and daycare services, as well as sale of premium cat supplies at our hotels, conveniently situated along Changi Road and Bukit Timah.

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Our Mission

As the only one of its kind to be approved for operations within a shopping centre locally, our cat hotels pride themselves as havens that are peaceful, hygienic and safe. Our team of dedicated caretakers aim to set the bar for higher standards of transparency, safety and quality care for cat boarding in Singapore.

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Our Belief

It’s a common misconception that cats dislike leaving the house. It’s more likely that they act that way, because they’ve had a poorly-handled, past experience! We’ve found that cat boarding is more than just providing a place of shelter in your absence. It’s about helping your feline feel safe and secure when you aren’t around, and that’s why we’re in the business of providing the right environment, approach and expertise for each of our guests. Your cat can now truly enjoy its time away from home.

Going Beyond.

Besides providing the bare necessities, our cat whisperers ensure your cat’s needs are met physically, mentally, as well as emotionally through our 4 pillars of holistic cat care.



Each of our private cabins make the perfect living quarters and are intelligently crafted by cat owners for cats – with function and safety in mind. Suitable for up to two cats, they are equipped with separate play, rest and bathroom areas for a comfortable stay.



For a stress-free stay, all vacation cabins are purposefully built and placed to maximize privacy for our guests. The hotel is fitted with a custom designed air-filtration system to keep unpleasant odours at bay, and routinely sanitised to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.



Each of our guests receives daily, personal time with our concierge on duty to keep them healthy, happy and mentally stimulated. For the adventurous feline, our Changi outlet boasts full length glass windows flanking the hotelier, turning each cabin into a great vantage point for bird-watching and sunbathing. Laid-back felines might prefer lodging at our King Albert Park outlet, which is designed for a cosier, tranquil experience.

At your request, we are also happy to let your cats out of its cabin to the shared play lounge.



We believe that every experience at Nekoya deserves to be different from the one before. For the discerning cat owner, we provide options to personalize your cat’s stay, to help ensure that your cat feels right at home in our hands.